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Internet security is not something to be neglected. There are several ways to protect your personal information online. Increasingly large  winlogon and RDP services are introducing a two-factor authentication system. However, people do not always take advantage of the opportunities provided to them. Learn the main advantages of a two-factor authentication system and two main reasons you should not neglect it. 

What Is a Two-factor Authentication System (2FA)?

It is a method that an online service uses to verify your identity. The first way is usually a password. Nevertheless, life demonstrates that a password alone is often not enough. Firstly, the password can be stolen or tampered with. And secondly, users themselves are very irresponsible in the selection of passwords. For many years in a row, the most popular passwords in the world remain the combination of “123456” and “qwerty”.

The Sad Reality of the World of Cybersecurity

Two-factor authentication allows the user to once again confirm their identity and therefore significantly increases the protection of personal data. Perhaps its only drawback is that the user is forced to give additional personal information on the resource, for example, the real phone number. However, this disadvantage is minor. 

Some users are afraid of providing additional personal information. However, the implementation and maintenance of a two-factor authentication system require a large financial outlay. That said, only the largest companies, such as Google, popular social networks and banks can implement such a system. In all these cases, hiding something like a phone number is completely pointless. 

How Exactly Does It Work?

The basic principles of two-factor authentication are familiar to everyone who has used electronic banking at least once or purchased for something with a card via the Internet. When you try to make a transaction, the bank sends an SMS with a confirmation code to your phone. This code, entered in the appropriate field when paying, proves that the operation is carried out by the account holder, and not by an outsider who has taken possession of the card data.

Two Reasons to Use 2FA

You may think that your personal accounts on the Internet are protected enough. Nevertheless, here are 2 reasons you shouldn’t neglect 2FA: 


  • Passwords can be hacked


We guarantee that even the most complicated passwords can be hacked. There are many websites and programs that specialize in this. The majority of people do not choose a tough password to protect their data. They choose one they will remember. It is not good enough in our digital age. Considering that people put all their lives on the Internet, you should always use additional methods of protection. 


  • There are no drawbacks


Another reason you should use 2FA is that there are no serious consequences. Sure, logging into your account or purchasing something online can take 30 more seconds to enter the code sent to the phone number. Nevertheless, think of all the benefits. Even if your card is stolen, there is nothing much thieves can do with it. Because your data is protected by a two-factor authentication system. 

Of course, there are more advanced authentication methods. For example, a password can be confirmed by biometric user data, such as a fingerprint or scan of the iris or retina. But, one way or another, the principle itself remains unchanged. Two-factor authentication does not relieve the user of the need to use a password, but at least partially solves the eternal problem with its lack of reliability.


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