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There are a lot of ways of hacking. Hackers gain access not only to other people’s accounts on social networks and instant messengers but also to entire sites. In addition, they learned to open accounts on a computer and manage the operating system from a distance. Recently, Windows Logon and RDP were hacked in huge amounts. This provides many benefits and opportunities for them. Through someone else’s PC, it is possible to get a lot of interesting information. They can get the following:

  • Logins and passwords stored in browsers; 
  • Application data;
  • Information about bank cards; 
  • Contacts; 
  • Location, etc. 

Also, the hacker will be able to view all the files stored on the computer, modify, copy and delete them. If you store important materials on your computer, you should take care of their safety. In this article, we provide some tips to help protect your operating system. Of course, even following all the rules does not guarantee 100{52c09939d680c7f6043dac571d26bb372777c8757281de3efbc644cbc8bf9392} security, but significantly reduces the degree of risk.

Choose a Complex Password 

Although this method is quite primitive, it is still effective. The basis of some methods of hacking is brute force. In other words, it is the selection of combinations. A complex password is hard to guess. Therefore, use the numbers, symbols, and letters of both registers. A complex combination will perfectly protect your computer from brute force. Never use your date of birth, your name or the names of loved ones as a cipher. Such combinations are very easy to guess. Popular ciphers should also be avoided. Their list can be found on the Internet. The longer the cipher, the better the protection of your pc.

Connect an External Router 

No matter how well the system is protected, do not neglect external security. A router or firewall is a must for a corporate network. But even if you have one computer, these devices are very useful. Especially if the device contains important information or you use this device to work. External protection can be carried out using an ordinary router. For example, D-Link or Linksys. You can design your own firewall. In addition, you need to install anti-virus gateways and a proxy server.

Install Regular Updates

The virus recognition system is constantly being improved by developers. Therefore, in order not to miss the innovations, update the software as soon as a new version is released. Modern hacker software will allow you to quickly access your data. This advice applies to any applications installed on the device. To avoid information leaks, you should update them more often.

Create Archives and Backups 

This is the easiest thing you can do. Creating a copy of important materials will never be superfluous. This can be done using archiver programs. Or just copy files manually.


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